Our Paradise Beef

Paradise Farms is recognized by the American Angus Hall of Fame as the best breeder of Aberdeen Angus in North America. The nurturing of professional hands and veterinary care, a zero tolerance approach to the use of growth hormones and the philosophy of pasture roaming are the key factors that lead to the superior quality. ‚Äč

The industry standard requires a minimum of 51% to be considered as "pure" Angus, however, all of our Angus cattle are Black Scottish Aberdeen Angus that are 98% to 100% pure.

Beyond raising some of Canada's finest Aberdeen Black Angus, Paradise Farms also rears cattle such as the Italian Chianina, Scottish Highlands, French Charolais and Japanese Wagyu (Kobe). Complementary to this, Paradise Farms is a member in good standing with The American Chianina Association, The American Angus Association, The American Wagyu Association, The Canadian Angus Association, The Ontario Highland Cattle Association and The Ontario Cattleman's Association.

Paradise Farms is a revolutionary concept of passion and forward thinking. We are proud to be a part of Canada's food industry and we promise to serve only the best.

The Paradise Customers

We treat our Paradise customers as if they were family - We would only serve superior quality beef to our families and our customers deserve that same quality.

Quality Beef Selection

Our Paradise Farm herd includes thousands of Purebred Aberdeen Angus, hundreds of rare Japanese-style Wagyu (Kobe) cattle, Scottish Highland cattle and Italian Chianina.

Zero-Tolerance Approach

We care about our cattle - they are all grass fed and grain finished, with a zero-tolerance approach to the use of added growth hormones.